My sister had a "partial molar pregnancy".

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Yesterday we found out after the pathology report came back. She lost the baby at 12 heartbeat was found. D&C was done last Monday.

I know this is a rare case, but has anyone else experience this, either personnally or with a patient? Here's a link to explain more of what it is.


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I have seen it in a couple patients of mine. I am sorry for your sister's loss. SO heartbreaking, to lose a pregnancy and child. Please tell her to follow her dr's orders regarding future conception and timeframes, it's critical. And please tell her I am thinking of her....having lost 4 in the last 2.5 years (not molar) I can relate to her pain. It's real and it's palpable. She has my deepest empathy.

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And my condolences as well...{{{}}}


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I also was diagnosed with a partial molar pregnancy AKA Gestational Trophoblastic Disease in August 2003. I had just graduated college and found out I was pregnant and very happy. I lost the fetus at 6 weeks (early July), and from there everything went downhill. It took the doctor more than a month to diagnose me and during that month I was really sick. She didn't even perform a DNC till August 14th. I had lost weight, couldn't eat, and was so week...I barely made it to work. This damn doctor kept telling me that all I had was a miscarriage but my HCG levels were thru the roof. I know my body and knew something was wrong. After the DNC I felt better but it wasn't over. To make a long story short...I had to go thru 5 weeks of Chemotherapy and now see my new doc once a month to get my HCG level checked.

The doctor told me it was important not to conceive within a I must put my plans on hold. I'm just blessed to still have all of my reproductive organs at the young age of 23 and I will try again when it's safe.

Your sister will make it thru this...just be there to support her, and tell her to search the net for lost of information.

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Thank you all for your responses. I'll try to email these to her.

I too had a partial molar pregnancy, between my daughter (now 10) and my son (now 6). This would have been the first baby for my present husband and myself. We were so excited when we first had the test at the docs office and found out I was pregnant... we had been trying for so long ... I remember crying for hours after leaving the docs office on the second visit (they couldnt find a heartbeat and then had an internal ultrasound done). My condolences to your sister and her husband or sign. other.


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