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My resume as a traveler - yikes!!


I've been a travel nurse for most of my nursing career:

I have had 10 travel jobs in 5 years. Ten jobs with 8 different travel companies.

And I worked one full year as a staff nurse.

I'm now looking for a permanent/staff nursing position. But I'm not getting any bites. I believe it's because my resume shows every job, with every company. And this is scary to prospective employers! would it be appropriate to list my experience as "travel nurse" with the years spent as a traveler, excluding the companies/hospitals.


Travel nurse (Oncology)

Various hospitals across the United States 2005---2010

instead of my current resume which looks like:

clinical one (st. francis hospital)

city/state 9-07---12-07

Procare USA (Sinai medical Center)

city/state 6-07---9-07

emergency Resource 5-06---9-07


Also, three of my former travel agencies are no longer in business. Their numbers are simply disconnected, and I can't find them anywhere on the Internet. how will I explain this on my application? Should I put their old number, or say it's been dosconnected??

I have had former employers move their offices or otherwise change. I simply put the information that was in place when I worked for them even if I know the new address, new phone number, new name of the company, etc., because it is unreasonable to be required to keep up with changes that occur after one leaves. I think you would do better to lump them together but be sure to include all of the distinguishing information. For example, experience in the ER is different from an assignment as an Occupational Health nurse and both should be explained in some detail or at least listed as such.


Specializes in Peri-Op. Has 10 years experience.

I would lump all of the traveling together as you stated. I am usually intrigued by travelers coming on as staff but also worried they will get the bug to travel again in another 6 months.... I like them because of their adaptability...

I too would lump all the travel positions together if it looks like your not getting any bites from the current resume. I have mine all seperate (have had 8 assignments in last 5 years) and had red flags when I applied for for CRNA school... they just called and confirmed it was all from traveling (which was stated on the resume).

I like listing mine separate because I'm NICU specific and there are different level NICU's - which I made sure to note on the resume.