My prereqs will take ...3 years *sad face*

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I started my first prereq this fall and met with an advisor at my community college today (Montgomery County Community College) to come up with a course plan for me. I really would love to get into the Villanova BSN express program. She said it would take me 3 years to get my pre-reqs done. UGH!

I work full time and since I am doing a career change I figured that it would be best to only take one class a semester. That way I have a chance of getting the best grade possible and still handle my FT job. There are only a few that it looks like I can double up on and still have a good chance of getting a great grade. After they are all complete..... (fingers crossed)..... I get into the program, quit my job and kick butt (major in-debt butt) at the 14 month Villanova BSN express program.

Is anyone able to offer any recommendations for how to cut down this 3 year plan a bit? Maybe some other classes you think I could double up on with how heavy my FT work is and still have a good shot at getting a good grade? I've never taken science classes before. I just didnt need them for my current BA.:confused:. I'm kinda nervous and do not know what to expect from them or how I will do.

  • Fall2010 - taking a religion course (prereq) to ease myself back into school
  • Spring2011 - Gen. Bio
  • Summer Session one 2011 - General Chem (need organic chem for Villanova but must take this class before I can take that one)
  • Fall2011 - AP 1
  • Spring 2012 - AP 2
  • Summer 2012 - Developmental Psyc. & Nutrition (doubled up)
  • Fall 2012 - Statistics and my 2nd needed religion course (doubled up)
  • Spring 2013 - Organic Chem
  • Summer 2013 - Patho (need to find a place to take this still since they dont offer it)
  • Fall 2013 - Microbiology (even though I at this point completed my pre-reqs, I heard that I would really need this as a nurse)


Read my post on your other thread. Also, think of it this way, the more time you have to focus on one class (one per semester), the better the grade you're going to get, thereby increasing your chances for acceptance. It's really not the end of the world if it's what you want. :-)

Thanks, I replied to you there!

Villanova offers Pathophysiology online for students who've been accepted to the ABSN program. It might be an option that will help ease you into the expectations of a Villa class. You would take it the winter after you've been accepted.

Good Tip Trin... Thanks!!!

If they do not require micro, it is quite possible that their patho course is their replacement for it more or less. Especially if like Trin said they offer it for students once they have been accepted, and as you have said, you cant find it anywhere else. This is the only time i have heard of a school not requiring micro for nursing, so maybe that is the case....then it would be pointless for you to take micro, and the Patho course is taken care of AFTER acceptance, so that cuts you off 2 semesters.

Depending on your confidence in A&P you possibly could cut out another semester if you took your developmental psych and nutrition each doubled with one of your semesters of A&P....both of those could likely be taken online (i know i took nutrition online last spring, and currantly taking developmentl psych online through my community college).

All depends on knowing yourself. Do you learn sciences relitivly easy or do you need to put extra time and effort into them? What all do you have to do other then school work and your job? Is your job and 8 hour a day, 5 day a week, or can you get unexpected overtime, or does your job come home with you more or less? Do you have kids? Its a balance of how badly do you want to get through it quicker, and how much time can you give to it if you have to give ALL free time you have to it and will that be enough for the grades you want? Im saying this from standpoint of last summer I took AP1, Micro, and english. Now i wasnt working, but I have a son who was home all day, and then i took sciences at night, english was online. And summer classes are double paced so one class is like taking 2. It was a burn out of a summer, but if i didnt do it, then i would not have been able to apply for spring start of nursing school because i needed all 3 classes for them to look at my application....and i did not want to wait until June to start.

I would suggest asking Villanova if they accept CLEP for Developmental Psych, since that would save you one class. You'd have to study on your own, but you can download lectures from iTunes U and study the test book. That would save you some class time and allow you to focus on a science course. BUT, and I can't emphasize this enough, GET IT IN WRITING that they accept CLEP. I speak from experience about not getting something in writing and the headache it causes when trying to transfer. Email the question and have them respond, then save the email.

I'm loving everyone who has commented right now. :redbeathe Seriously. taking into account what everyone said I figured out a way to cut myself down on the time it will take.

I just registered for General Bio and doubled that up with a nutrition online.

I'm taking away micro because jguy you made a good point. I'll just focus on Patho. In pouring over my old transcripts (even after 3 advisors have looked at them) I could have sworn that somewhere I took a developmental psych class... sure enough.. I did. Back in 2000. So that's one more down. How 3 advisors and myself missed that, I have no clue. But I'm not complaining about it :)

here's my new plan...

Spring2011 - Gen. Bio & Nutrition (doubled up - one science and one general ed course)

Summer Session 2011 - General Chem (need organic chem for Villanova but must take this general before I'm allowed to take organic)

Fall2011 - AP 1

Spring 2012 - AP 2

Summer 2012 - Organic Chem (have to take somewhere else because Montco does not offer this more than once a year during the day- not sure where would be best and cost effective)

Fall 2012 - Statistics and my 2nd needed religion course (doubled up) and will need to take these at Manor College instead of Montco.

Spring 2013 - Patho (not sure where I should take this one yet)

So again..... THANK YOU for your help! Hugs for everyone! :yeah:

Yay! Congratulations!!

Online pathophysiology: Session Schedule Spring 1

as well as some other online courses, including two religion courses in their philosophy section.

I'm searching for another online chem course and found this. Thought I'd share. I'm not sure of the tuition, though.

you know... I reading all of these comments about ccconline and was wondering what the heck it was and how I could take some of the courses through them.

I need to check this place out more and see how I can do it.

which home college are you using for them?

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