My NCLEX story


Ok so I took my NCLEX today Wensday the 12th of August at 2;00pm.I was very nervous,shaking,excited when I got there and I think people responsible for signing us in thought I must have been nuts...I got hit pretty bad from the the get-go....The first question was about some nursing procedure and I was like what???????:confused:I think I missed it because the second question was rather easy...but I managed to climb back up and the third I think was a priority type of question....I was bouncing up and down throughout the whole test...sometimes I was taking educated quess,sometimes I was beating up myself in the head for not reviewing some obvious content question that was given to me...I also felt like crying,bursting in the tears (especially with some meds question which for most part I knew what they were for but didnt the side effects of it!!)I also felt lighheaded....and could not even make myself to write down the number of SATAS I had I just wanted to finish and getting out of to my very suprise I had no OB at all,one or two PEDS,5-6 SATAS I believe (one time I had one sata after another and I kept thinking to myself lord I must have had to answers prior SATA question wrong and they are providing me with the second chance!),I had couple of client teaching,med questions,couple of infection control,some med surg,one drag and drop,one math....Went the computer didnt shut off at 75 I was getting extremely apprehensive,I was like ok now great I will fail...but then after few questions it shut off and the last question was SATA!I was like what is going now I will order the quick results and maybe try the famous trick to ease my nervousness..I really dont know what to think of it...seriously....I have a question when can I try the trick?

You can try the trick as soon as it says delivery successful. Just log in to pearsonvue, and make sure it says delivery successful by your appointment date, and then click on register on your left side and answer those questions. I also had the similiar variety of questions as you did, but my first happened to be a drag and drop!!! I was like now i know that drag and drop are not the higher level questions since it happened to be my first. Im sure you passed. Everyone comes out of the exam thinking the failed, the exam is set up like that so were never sure. Good luck!!


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What state did u take ur exam in today? and try ur best and relax b/c as i have been told u never truly know until u know. Good luck!!!


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I took the test in when I get to the pearsonvue should I go to my account or to schedule the test.And where do I go to sign up for quick results


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Ok I did the famous trick and according to it I passed!!!!!!!!Wohoo,just a question do I have to wait a 2 day period to get the quick results?


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Congratulations beachbutterfly!you're done and must celebrate!

i'm testing next week and i'm nervous wreck..

by the way, did you take kaplan question trainers?

asap for the trick , dunno about quick results , but we at california can see our names at the website 3 days after

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