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My NCLEX schedule is getting near


I am scheduled on June 26th and im really worried now because i dont know if im really ready to take the exam. I did a lot of questions from NCSBN review course and i only got 50-60% on their scoreboard .. Is it enough to pass the NCLEX exam?

It's great that you're taking the time to answer a lot of questions - that's probably the best way to truly prepare yourself for the exam. For those you didn't answer correct, thoroughly read the rationale and understand why that is the correct answer and why the answer you picked may not have been the best answer. This will definitely help jog your memory when you sit for the exam. I felt myself recalling similar type questions on the NCLEX from the Q&A book I used to study. It's difficult to feel 100% confident going into the exam - just read each question carefully, analyze it, write down key words if you need to, and read every answer individually, telling yourself why that answer may or may not be true. Remember, you have the knowledge it takes to pass! Just breathe :) Good luck tomorrow!

Thank you.. I already took the exam and it's really hard I got a lot of sata and arranging to sequence the computer stops at 75.. omg. I knew to myself that I didn't do well on that exam.. and then when I got home I tried the pearson ube trick and did t got the good pop up :(