My NCLEX journey ends today 03/24/14.


I don't have tears nor joy, I have a very neutral feeling after I'm done, which is not long ago, just 3 hrs ago...The first thing on my mind is...I can finally sleep 8 hrs a day from now on! therefore, I consider myself happy!

25 SATAs, 2 DragNDrop, 5 EKG, 15+ pharms, 3 Exhibits, many many many many many Evaluations (which is odd, the amount was more than Priority), my exam ended with 132 questions and I was just praying to GOD to end this soon at Question #130, 5 secs after that, exam ended! I left, I feel sick and having this pounding headache. After I got home, After confirm that "Delivery Successful" on web, after PVT trick, I am confident to say that I passed NCLEX and I am officially a Registered Nurse (beginner) hehehe...

Books used are: Saunders 6th Ed, PDA by Lacharity (get the electronic version which is only 20 dollars and save yourself a lunch money), Pharm Success and Kaplan all Q-trainers and all QBank questions. I did not do anything extra other than what's listed above. (not even the notes that's going around in this forum)

Kaplan scores: Dx-69, Q1-69, Q2-57, Q3-57, Q4-57, Q5-60, Q6-61, Q7-60, Predictor-60, QB:avg. 67. I only do 50 QB questions a day, one QT per weekend. I used study mode only because I do not like the time constraint given on the Testing Mode. If you are a slow test taker like me, do the Study Mode on Kaplan QB, if it works for me, it will work for you.

Study plan: 3 months; starts right after graduation on Dec.26 until Mar.22; 2.5 hrs a day (AM only because I am not a PM person); I also work a 50 hrs/wk schedule (those who work and have kids and families to look after, don't panic, you will do better because your brain functions more at work which helps you to study, hehe...); I did not study the day before the exam and was sleeping whole day, it was a peaceful day passed quickly on my bed.

Personal Hx with I was a new stu at a local college for ADN-RN, my first semester in nursing I failed; I was sad and wanted to give up until I discovered and found a video made by a male RN who failed but how he ended up strive for success. It was from him, I found encouragement. English is my second language so I rarely put comments on this forum, most of the time, I observe ppls comments. It was the same strategy carried me through the remainder of nursing school, I was always quiet, do not make comments in class and constantly observing and doing at the clinicals. I like this forum which entertained me, and nurtured me.

Thank you God, I am a RN now, Thanks to all the good ppls who keep pushing me along the journey. the end.


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Congratulations Mentalageis16

Thank you for sharing your story. Wish you all the best in your future endeavors. :)


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:) wish you the same, thank you Amy.


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Congratulations! Sounds like it's well deserved =) Get workin on those applications!!


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Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your success story. Really informational.


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Congratulations. Thanks for sharing your story. I wish you all the luck in your future endeavors.


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Congrats to you dear RN, you sound a lot like me. Thx for sharing this with us, you do inspire me to stay focused and finally think about a study plan.