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Hello! I would like to share my experience in NCLEX RN exam especially to those who are still planning to sit the examination. I sit the exam last JUNE 1 8am for me to have a good morning prior taking the exam. A day before the said date I went to the pearson vue building for me to get familiaruze with the direction and to lessen my anxiety. Shorts are not allowed in the building because my husband was asked to move out the building. I was wearing a denim long sleeve dress and loafers back then and I was allowed to enter the building. Then upon entering the floor the guard will let you remove your jewelries and turn off your phone as well. Then, the staff will instruct you promptly. Read the notes, get the queue number after reading and wait for your turn. Do the registration, fingerprinting, and picture taking. Afterwards, you'll gonna secure your bags, gadgets, food and drinks in the locker assigned to you. The gadgets will have to be sealed in a package and only the staff can open it for you after the exam. There you go, you're all set. Ready to go. You've got mix emotions.

In my case, after putting my thing inside the locker room, I would like to have a bladder break before entering the "make-or-break" room but the staff noticed me and said that I shoukd enter the room. Though he asked me after the inspection if I would like go for a bladder break but that time I hesitated due to my anxiety. Then, here I go, entwring the cold room. By the way, the additional inspection include checking behind your ear, your pockets, your inner shorts, collar, and in my case, my eyeglasses which I found very funny.

I sat the comfortable chair, a clean headset and seeing the big monitor but the mouse tells you the oil of the hands of the previous examiner. Lol. I prayed to God before I started my exam. I was very relaxed in answering. Repeating every questions. And in my 7th question I happen to fell asleep at about 10seconds! Hahaha I had no enough sleep back then although I set the alarm to wake me uo at 5 am. I was constantly waking every hour from 11pm-4am! So I have decided to review at 4am since I am already awake or thinking that's maybe it's a God's way for me to review my notes again.

I soon advanced my questions after slapping my face softly. Reading the questions twice and thrice. Doing elimination, computation, SATA , and priority and delegation. I am keeping my calm while answering so that I can think about the best answers. I also kept reminding myself the time left and what number am I currently answering. I paused for awhile when I encounter number 74 because alot finshed their exam at 75 so I paused again and talked to God. Then, I pressed the next button. After answering number 75, the computer stopped and prompt me to advance in the research questions! Then my anxiety rises but still relieved at the same time because I'm done already. You have the right not to participate in the research but I certainly took part of it.

I did not finish all of it because the practice questions are harder than my exam. It includes scenarios and really checks your critical thinking. It is like a SATA due to the drag and drop, highlight all possible answers, and top 3-5, somewhat 3point likert scale such as indicated, contraindicated and not indicated.

What comes after ending the research is the feedback questions to pearson vue.

I went home feeling accomplised with a smile in my face, with no worries, and confident enough that I passed.

Now, I am patiently waiting for my result. Contrary to what I felt after I stepped out the building! I am feeling nervous and it increases while everyone around me are nervous too! My husband who is joking me that he is ready to accompany me again in the testing center for the retake! I did not imagined that I finished the exam at 75 in less than 2 hours. Hopefully I passed! 😓😓😓😭😭😭😷😷😷

Hope you passed .

Did you pass??? I took mine today and mine cut off at 75. I got a lot of SATA, some drag and drop, an EKG strip, and some priority questions. I'm going crazy waiting for results.

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