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Hi, My name is Kim. I am a 30 year old mother of two girls, ages 4 and 7. I am starting A & P on Monday. I've been visiting this site for awhile now, but I have never posted before. I have really struggled with my decision to go to Nursing School. My mom has been a nurse for 30 years and she tried to discourage me from going into this for the longest time. I knew I wanted to pursue a career in the medical field but was unsure of my abilty to handle blood & gore. I took several classes over the summer semester in the Health Information Technology program but never could get excited about pushing paper work and coding. It was so boring!! I took a huge leap and decided that I might regret not giving nursing a try so here I am. Still scared to death that I won't be able to handle it but so excited at the possiblities that await me! I am planning on going for my ADN starting next fall. I would love to hear from others who have struggled with self doubt and who are taking their pre reqs right now. I would also love to hear from those who are current students in nursing are you handling it? What is it like? Do you recommend it? Thanks for listening and sharing your stories.


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Hi Kim,

My BSN program incorporates prereq's and nursing classes all at once. So I'm taking some prereq's plus my first nursing class this semester!!! :) I am also taking A&PI this sem, so if you need a study buddy feel free to Email or IM me ([email protected] or ItalianYogaChick).

Anyway, I've also suffered thru a period of self doubt. I currently work at our local hospital as a unit sec up on our med/surg unit and one of our patients was detoxing and became enraged and started physically abusing one of our nurses. I thought "what the hell am I getting into?" That was my first self doubt. Then of course, after seeing what all our nurses do, I thought "What if I can't do it???" But then that's what we go to school for, eh?

I don't have any problems handling blood and gore...... fluids don't gross me out. The only thing that really gets to me is smells. I can't handle smells. They make me weak, they nauseate me...... hehe. (Do they make scented masks by the way, does anyone know???) ;-)

Anyway, good luck in your program, contact me anytime!!

--zannie :)


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HI iam a mother of 4 and i was always told there was no way i could handle the program ( the fact i never finished grade 12) well i had my doubts but i thought this is what i truly want, it will be hard but i can do it. If you keep your goals in mind and your heart intact you can do anything as i have proved everyone who have ever doubted i could do it wrong. Keep the faith you can do it but i will say it is hard work and there will be times when you say i want to quit ( i find at these times i go for a walk and remind myself why i am doing this)

Good luck

make good friends

and enjoy this is worth it

Welcome Kim, I have for a long time struggled with self-doubt but now I am much, much, much more comfortable and confident and what has helped me was my summer job I had as a care assistant at a hospital so I strongly recommend that you run and get a job as a care assistant, patient care tech or whatever your local hospital call nursing assistants. IT will help to see if you really want to do nursing. Your mom is discouraging you but that does not mean you will not be happy. Your mom is warning you and you should listen but make your own decisions do not let your mom influence you. My Aunt use to be a nurse and she has forever been discouraging me about nursing. She keeps saying she will pay my college tuition in whole including a Master's degree program if I choose anything else but nursing. I am very sure nursing is going through the rough times right now but I want to become involved and help make the rough times into good times.

Take care

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