My Great First Day


I have been looking forward to my first day as a nurse for so long. Today was the day and it was really good!

I was so intimidated about this job because it is in a nursing home and, in general, they are notoriously difficult places to work. But I left for the day thinking, "I think I like this place."

The nurse that trained me was great. She was relaxed, helpful and made sure I got a lunch and a 15 min break. The aides were friendly and very good at their jobs. I was able to pass noon meds and learned a few residents' names and faces.

The one thing that really took me by surprise was the difference between a working nurse and a student nurse. Students always have to ask before they can do anything but today I realized there was no one looking over my shoulder. If it needed to be done, I just did it. One of the residents called me a dirty SOB and then pinched me, but I didn't even pay any attention, just got my vitals as quick as I could and left the room.

Thanks for reading about my day. I'm so excited to be a nurse!


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congrats on your first day!!:yeah:

I have a 'first day' coming up in a few weeks, but it's the first day of my RN program:barf01:


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I hope I have a great first day when I when I finish school, pass my boards and start my first day of work!


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Congrats on having a great 1st sorry for the pinch....but that made me grin! :) Hope you have a great week! Take care!


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Oh I am so happy for you!

I wish you many more "good" days!

Also awesome that you were actually able to remember some of the residents names!

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awesome feeling huh? i had my first day a couple weeks ago.. and i felt the same,. like one is going to check my meds...huh..nobody is going to hound me to do this or that or at what time i want to do it! so awesome. things make more sense and are much easier when you can do it on your own! lol.

great job! hope that feeling continues!


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