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I just finished up my CNA classes and clinicals last week and will be taking my state test on Thursday (*cross your fingers for me!*) My hope after becoming a CNA was to work for a little while and then start an LPN program here in the Twin Cities (MSP/St. Paul, MN). After becoming an LPN I was planning on doing a bridge program to get my RN. This, to me, seems like the most logical thing to do. Everyone that asks me what I plan on doing with my life always says the same thing, "Why do that? Just go straight for your RN!" or "That's just stupid, do your RN and test out as an LPN after the 1st year." Am I crazy for wanting to do the LPN and then RN? Thanks in advance!


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Hi Dani,

People will always question other peoples career plans. You have got to do whats best for you and your situation. For me, I am choosing to do the LPN program first because it's easier to start that way and get paid while I do Excelsior for my RN. But my family members were like "why don't you go ahead and just do the two year RN so that you can get government assistance for two years instead of one." Long story on government assistance.. however you can get your LPN and then work while you complete your RN... nurses do that all the time.

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I agree with the previous poster - do what's right for you!

That being said, I believe that going the LP/VN to RN route provides a real benefit. The emphasis in LPN programs is on skill acquisition - usually with more opportunities to actually work with patients than you will find in an RN program. This way, you will enter your RN program with much more confidence and much more 'know how' about the clinical environment. You'll see -- this will be a real advantage.

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