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My first time, NCLEX Q's and false sense of security?


So, after suffering 2 years, I finally graduated! YAY! Still recovering from that experience!:roflmao::sarcastic:

Took NCLEX (PN) March 30 in CA for the FIRST time. Did PVT 2 days later, got "good pop up" but still NOT reassured! I only did it that once. Haven't tried again, (should I?). My worst fear would be this false sense of security from this "PVT"! :nailbiting:

Any comment, personal experience regarding that would be very much appreciated!

Couple questions in addition to the above!

Is it normal:

A) To get shut off at an odd number (either 95/96)? [i understand how CAT works, but still haven't heard this number of questions, like ever!?]

B) That I didn't get one calc question?

We obviously don't get quick results, so any personal experience or answers are greatly appreciated! Or even advice. Or ask me questions if I didn't explain enough detail!

Thanks guys! :inlove:

I've heard of the test stopping at some pretty obscure numbers, so any number wouldn't surprise me.

I did not have any calculations on my exam, either.

Congrats on graduating and taking the NCLEX!!! Good luck with your results :)

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The average number of questions of NCLEX passers is ~123. Nearly 90% of US educated nurses pass the NCLEX on first attempt. The number of questions is only significant in that is the number of questions required for the computer to determine competency (or not) in all domains with a >95% confidence interval. Nothing more nothing less. People pass with any number of questions from 85 to 106 to 205.

Be positive, have faith, and have confidence! If you believe in God, pray everyday until you get your test results! You got this! I know you do! :D

Thank you guys! I was so terrified to post because well I've seen some people get attacked on here ;)

First off, congratulations on graduating!

When I took NCLEX-RN on March 30, the computer shut off at 113. I thought it was a really weird number to stop at. Was so worried then. Did the PVT 24 hrs after I took the exam and got a good pop up. An hour after doing the PVT, IL BON had my name on their website with PASS beside it. So yeah, it's perfectly normal to stop at really weird number and pass. ;) Congratulations on passing NCLEX!

I passsssssssssssssssssssssssssssed:)