My first time on giving side of a Press-Ganey Questionaire


I gave glowing kudos where kudos were due. All the staff were wonderful-- especially given the craziness of the day in this unit. As a medical professional, I could see where staff were biting their lips to try and remain composed and polite, and still get it all done.

I had a lot of compassion and understanding for what they were going through that day (craziness). But, it got me to thinking--just what are people saying in these surveys who haven't a clue as to how difficult our jobs are?

The only "no-no" I commented on, was that this form had a significant section on patient satisfaction regarding my perceptions of interactions with "your nurses." ("Did the nurse___?" and "were your nurses attentive to____?" and "How did your nurses____?"). I made it a point to comment that I did not see a nurse, but only saw MA's and other UAP. I stated that Press-Ganey might want to change their vernacular, as the title "Nurse" is a legally protected title, and I saw no nurse.

Pretty sure that will fall on deaf ears....


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Good for you for speaking up. You're prob right - it will make no difference. Haven't seen the form itself but if it's just pencil checkmarks, that's all the scanner will see and count.