My first night as an A+P I+II tutor


went better than I expected! I was Sooooooooooo scared I had forgotten sooo much but it all came flooding back. I must have drawn the action potential at least 10X over the night:). I only had 1 A+P II student and they just needed help with coronary flow. I had a TON of A+P I students. Everyone was very easy to work with and left great " comment cards"

Saturdays I get paid to tutor open lab as well. This Saturday will be my first and I am anxious again:)

I never saw myself as a tutor...I normally don't have patience for even group study..but this was very rewarding and I like that it keeps my A+P *brain* on it's toes!

Achoo!, LPN

Specializes in Urgent Care.

It's a great feeling isn't it?? I'm glad you decided to do it! :)

Fun2, BSN, RN

Specializes in Operating Room.

Congrats, I told you it would all come back to you!! :)

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