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I have no idea where this should go but I am too excited to be worried about it!

I graduated July 30th 2010 and took boards October 1st 2010. I found out I passed boards October 3rd and then started the job hunt.

Everyday this week for a few hours I would go and apply to various nursing homes (30 total so far this week). Today someone wanted to interview me on the spot! It was for a 2nd shift, 230pm-11pm, LPN position with alternating weekends. Just what I wanted! I toured the facility with her and it was pretty nice compared to where I worked as a CNA. I would at most have 25 patients to med pass, chart, and do treatments on. Their would be an RN on the unit who would make phone calls to the Dr as well as do all the paperwork for new admits. There is 3 weeks of PTO, holidays are paid double, and benefits start in 60 days. I took the drug test (and of course passed) and she said to call her Wednesday. She said it takes a few days for the background check to complete, but that it should be done Wednesday. We talked about the weather, school, and why it was so hard for new grads to find new jobs as she didn't think hiring them was a big deal at all. Orientation would also be 2 days in a classroom with her going over paperwork, and 6 days following a nurse.

Oh and this nursing home is rated "average".. the one I use to work at was "Much below average" and on the NATIONAL WATCH LIST!

I really hope I get this job!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey! Congrats, wow it didn't take you long to get an interview and then it was an on the spot interview! Wow! I hope it all works out for you!

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I would think if you already took a drug test, your in! Congrats!

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