My first classes ever today!


I had Freshman Development Seminar and Drug Dosage Calculation.


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Great to hear. This is my second semester and I am taking Disease Processes, Chemistry, Comp11, and Human Development. Everything seems cool so far and I am wondering when I am going to pull my hair out.LOL!!!:lol2:


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Congrats! I had my first class last night. Last semester I had 2 online classes, but last night was my first classroom class. Algebra. I'm also taking Human Development as a telecourse.

How did your classes go?

Congrats on starting

You are in for a fun time

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Thanks! I have 2 more classes today. I already went to the first one, Intro to Social Sciences. I have 4 classes in all on campus and 2 online. The classes went well so far. It's going to be a lot of work.


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I love my classes this semester. They are so much better than the ones i had last semester. This semester I have Anatomy and Physiology 1, Sociology, College Algebra, SPanish 3, and Intro to Chemistry. I love them all so much and learning so much information.


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congrats. i start my first classes next week. im so excited i cant wait. i know after the first month i wont be feeling the same way though. quick question do you know if bio 101 can b taken online?

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