My boss is/was the devil!

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In my experience, people like that get promoted, not fired.



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My ex-boss (Trauma Services) suspended me after I told a fellow co-worker to "watch her back".....My ex-boss/friend then......told me confidential information about my co-worker and her plans to get her fired.

Although I took the soon as I returned to work I went directly to HR....numerous meeting and documentation later , I was paid in full and my employee folder emptied of the suspension.

for 3 weeks after.....she made my life a living hell.....(I documented everything) and then finally met with the VP and asked to be returned to the ED.

This boss was fired.....yippie!!!!!



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How about the Nurse manager who complained about me taking to many vacations, even though I am only part time and have plenty of PTO. That did not bother me in the least. Everyday of my vacation, I sent her a wonderful post card Of me in Jamaica while they were in a cold snap. Saying the weather was great and the beach was even nicer. I came back with such a nice tan. She did not even remark on it or all those post cards she got.



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Thanks so much for the previous post, hilarious! Is there a word for that-something like passive-aggressive but in a GOOD way. Brilliantly devious maybe. Whenever I think of something like that I just laugh to myself "it's just too good." I guess I'm a wimp on the carry through.

Anyway, my addition to the boss from Hades...

I got called in for a meeting at 0700 on my day off to address issues of a disgruntled(and may I add completely whacked) patient. I had bent so far over backwards for this patient and even after that became apparent I really didn't get an "Atta girl." Did I mention that it is a significant drive from my home to my job? The pt/family were searching for anyone/anything to blame their outcome on because they were so angry, which I do understand. The issue basically what that they had waited 10 min or so which did not affect the outcome, or their grief, in any way whatsoever. It was so upsetting because their complaint had nuisance value if you know what I mean.

The only reason I kept my cool was that the assistant boss pulled me aside on the way to the meeting and said "You did nothing wrong. Your care was picture perfect. These people are crazy..."

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