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Are there risks [if any]to mom [and baby], if the mom-to-be has a hx of SVT's and mitral valve prolapse???.

Are there any special precautions?

Just curious.


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I have a friend with mitral valve problems, had to deliver at a high risk ob hosp. She delivered with an early epidural, was never allowed to push, so had a pain free labor and delivery, instead of the c/s that had been the original plan.


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From what I have experienced: You will need prophylactic antibiotics in labor/delivery to prevent problems w/your MVP. Also your fluid Intake and Output will be watched carefully. The degree of prolapse likely will determine where you deliver. WE take care of women with minor prolapses where I work, but anything major, they go to the Level III maternity centers.

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I had a pt. with a hx of MVP & SVT...including several runs of SVT while pregnant which required cardioversion. She met w/anesthesia as soon as she came in. Anesthesia had us keep a portable EKG in the room along with Adenosine just in case she went into SVT again. Also abx 30 mins. prior to delivery...


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