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Has anyone heard of MUST university? They offer a bsn program all online. Sounds fishy to me though. Any knowledge would be greatly appreciated. I live in Alaska and there isn't many schools to pick from. TIA

I have heard about this University but don't know much about them. I think you should call or contact them through the information on their website and ask some related questions from them that will answer your questions. From the look of its website, it looks quite promising.


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Yes the website seems impressive. They have a financial aid program for students. I suggest calling them would give a better understanding.

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Definitely check with your State Board of Nursing. In looking at their website, they have international accreditation (but not any regional accreditation in the US). It also looks like they are not CCNE or NLNAC accredited.

Pursuing a degree from an international online university might lead to difficulty in sitting for the NCLEX-RN or for obtaining a RN license in your state.


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I recall reading posts concerning this place here in the past. Seems everything was negative if I remember correctly. Do a search here and see if you can find some of those older threads to read for yourself.