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MUSC New Graduate


I have applied to a couple of openings at MUSC (New Graduate) positions. The status says, "Referred to Hiring Manager".

I did a search and saw that in 2008, some new grads saw that status for 2 weeks.

I am curious...how long does the application process now take in 2011 and if you aren't chosen for the positions, does the status get changed?

I currently hold a FL RN license and have applied for licensure by endorsement. I would like to get working ASAP since my prior employer decided that it was time to end my contract. (I was a contract mainframe programmer.) It was good timing because I was getting burnt out (no vaca in 2 yrs and I was TIRED) and now, I can finally live with my husband!!!!

I honestly can't remember how long I saw that message. Have you tried calling HR? I believe Tammy Rapp is the nurse recruiter for the new grad positions. Just curious - What units were the positions for?


Neonatal ICU

Maternal/Infant Medflux Team

I spoke to the NG recruiter before I applied. I had been wondering the wisdom of applying before I got my SC endorsement. She told me to apply now. She also expressed that I should definitely write a cover letter since they are getting about 60 apps per NG slot! I did write a cover letter, so I hope it helps distinguish me from the bunch.:D

Just checked the current openings and all of the NG slots are gone. (She told me that they are usually open for only 5 days.) I hope to hear about an interview soon, then!

Just checked the status' the Neonatal ICU position is now "In Progress". That would be SWEET!:nurse::redpinkhe

do any of those who have applied/ are working at MUSC know if there is still a nurse residency program available? I know they had one a few years back.


Gave up on SC. Everything would show progress and then after time, "position filled" or "you have not been selected for this position". No interviews, nada. In my DHs opinion, it is because I am an NG from FL not SC. Who knows?

Anyway, I went back to Jax, FL and saw on FB that one of my fellow classmates just started at a facility 5 mi from my Jax house. I applied in person (gotta love places that still do it the old fashoined way!), listed my classmate as the referral. I got an interview the next morning which was more of a "OK, you have the job if you want it....just need the background check and drug screen and you are good to go!"

I'm going to work here, do an online BSN with USC upstate and see what happens after that.