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Multiple malpractice policies

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Hi there... I was wondering if one can carry malpractice policies with two separate companies or does one policy negate the other?

Why would you want to?

If it's possible at all, I would guess it would work the same as health insurance; one policy would be the primary policy and the other would be secondary, and possibly cover costs not covered in full by the primary policy. I'm pretty sure you would not just have double coverage in the case of an occurrence.


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I am pretty certain this is not permissible as elkpark pointed out (double coverage).

In saying this, you can be covered by your employer and still purchase your own individual policy.

One should review their individual policies and amend if necessary. Also, you can consider purchasing "tail coverage" which extends coverage after a claims-made policy is cancelled or otherwise terminated.

If you do have a policy in effect and are unsure what type of policy you have (occurrence or claims-made), you need to contact your insurance carrier.

It is, in fact, permissible to carry multiple policies. Each policy will likely have a coordinator of benefit terms that dictate which is "primary", e.g., will cover the first dollars. This is a common provision in all insurance policies, for example, health policies. You may have coverage from your employer, as well as your husband's -- or from a former job under cobra and a current job. This does not meant that you will be covered twice.


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