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Multicare Tacoma General residency interview in a few days


Hi everyone! I'm so excited and nervous about my upcoming interview at Tacoma General in a few days. It's for their residency program. Please any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated. Has anyone interviewed for the medical oncology or has gone through the residency program? What materials do you suggest i bring with me and what kind of questions should i prepare for? Any and every advice would be greatly appreciated!

Hello all!My interview went very well and I'm happy to announce that I officially got my offer letter for RN residency at Tacoma General in medical oncology. I'm so excited and can't wait to start.. I also got a call from Good Sam for an interview but I respectfully declined because I've already been accepted at TG! I'm super grateful to God for giving me all these opportunities.

Hello! I also applied for their residency and it still says "considering" however I'm sure they've already finished up interviews! I was just wondering what experience those of you who got interviews have and what all you have on your resume. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!


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If you competed a practicum at the hospital that usually helps. Also if you have previous CNA/NT experience.

Is there a particular department you're interested in? If so I would call that department and ask to speak with the nurse manager.

On your resume add your practicum experience and include a cover letter.

I see the Mulitcare Residency will only consider you for two selected departments you choose on the application. Does anyone know which departments have the best chances of getting an interview? I am not sure what the majority of the applicant choose, I would like ER but I might have a better chance if I select Med/Surg. Thoughts?

any interview tips?? i interview @ mary bridge next week!

How's everyone?

How is it working there?

How's the work environment and the support?

How's the pay and the promotion?

Hope you guys had a great time there.Thanks!