how much do RN's get paid in nursing homes?

U.S.A. New York


if the difference is not significant in comparison to NJ, then I will continue to work in NJ..

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I'm a new grad in NYC nursing home making $35/hr. What are you getting in NJ? What art of NJ?

im getting a$$raped with my pay.. im too embarassed to post what i get. everyone thinks im crazy for even staying.. ive been working here for four years. all i do now is train new employees and assist the supervisors. i get less than what we start new grads here with. can you tell me names of facilities that i could possibly apply to? google searches seem to be giving me limited results... thank u!!

Hi, did you get paid for orientation? I am a knew grad and I was offered a job at a nursing home with a $36 and hours salary, but they want to pay me an Lpn rate of $22 an ours for the firtst 3 months ( this includes orientation and training etc..) is this normal dont most places give full salary for orientation too?


I applied for a job with a nursing home in Albany. I have 10 years of experience, and they offered me 24/hr with a 40+ patient responsibility. Needless to say, I ran away from that. Total bs!

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