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how much really is payed for NCLEX?

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hi! can anyone tell me how much do i need to pay for NCLEX... my relatives are always asking me but i couldn't give them a definite answer. Pls help! i understand they just wanted to get prepped for the possible expense! :confused::confused:

Moved your thread to the International Forum as it is specific to working in the US and the rates are going to be the same no matter where in the world that you write the exam, of out of the US.

You have to apply for licensure to a state BON to be able to get permission to sit for the exam. Those fees can vary widely, usually in the range of $125 or so to get thru the processing as well as the fingerprinting if they are required for that state, etc.

The NCLEX exam itself is $200 for the exam, as well as an additional charge of $150 for writing it out of the US, that total is $350 for the exam.

All in all, you are looking at about $500 by the time that you are done with the exam and licensure. But be aware that even with passing of the exam and finding an employer, you are no longer guaranteed that you will be able to get a visa for the US.

Just wanted you to be aware of this.

thanks so much for responding... it's really a big help for me... by the way im still the philippines and just waiting for the result of the june nursing board exam... i hope to pass so i could prepare for NCLEX too. :D

I would focus on getting experience in another country first, you are looking at about a five year wait for a chance at a green card at the earliest. Experience will always make it easier to pass the exam as well.

Best of luck to you.

Thak you suzanne for all the useful information. I just want to ask what country hires nurses without experience? because most requires at least 1-2 yrs of experience.

Thank you!

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There are a few countries that hire without experience but they may require you to take some sort of further education/bridging program. Most will probably require a local license

Just to add to what suzanne4 said, maryland requires fingerprinting and i went over there to do it for a charge of $57.25. I don't know how much fingerprinting costs for someone doing it in their home country but i know that if you do it somewhere else and mail it to cjis, you'll have to attach $37.25. It think suzanne4 gave you the best estimate.

Now talking of fees, seeing that $200 listed there reminded me to go pay mine for the exam. After paying the board $100 and that fingerprinting fee plus the cost of going to maryland twice this past week, there goes my july 10th paycheck.

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