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Thought I would start a thread for those applying to MTSA 2019. The extended deadline is fast approaching and just wondering if anyone else applied.

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Welcome... hope someone sees our post about MTSA--best if you write out full name.


I am submitting mine this week. I think the extra time only made me more nervous so I have been writing and rewriting my goal statement.

How soon after the deadline will they send interview invitations? It is reportedly a brutal process, but I'm looking forward to the challenge.

So I sent mine in back in May before they extended the deadline. They are meeting this upcoming Wednesday to make decisions. I feel like we will hear something Thursday or early nxt week. (They ads closed on Fridays).

Got my interview invitation today! Now time to prepare for what I heard is a tough interview.

I also received my invitation today!

Just got the email today. How is everyone getting ready for the interview

I got an Invitation as well!!. Slightly nervous about the Interview.

I am going to look over my CCRN material. I also got a little book solely on vents. I'm not too stressed about it yet. For some reason I'm more concerned with the deposit than the interview. Are you all applying anywhere else ?

I'm pretty much studying the same way. CCRN book and drugs. I applied to UAB but my chemistry didn't transfer so that was a no go. I have applied to UTC and will apply to Union if MTSA don't work out.

How about you?

I would love to go to UTC, Chattanooga is a cool town, but am just under the 2 year requirement. I am submitting my app to Western Carolina in the next day or two. May also apply to UT-Memphis if I need to.

I've been studying for CCRN (passed it yesterday!) plus pharmacology on drugs I typically use and a book on ventilators

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