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Mt. Sac Nursing Spring 2011



Has anyone else been accepted to the Mt. Sac nursing program for Spring 2011?


Hello There,

Nice to meet you! Arent you happy we are finally in. :) I have not received my orientation packet yet. Have you received yours? The nursing department said that they would be mailed in December but still nothing. When did you apply? How long did it take you to get in?

Thanks :)


Hi DD!

Nice to meet you too! I'm very very happy 'cause I've waited for this for like 2 years. I haven't received any yet, the last time I called them they told me they'll be sending it out on December. I applied 2 yrs ago if i'm not mistaken mid 2008. and You?

I posted a question in this site a while back, I was asking about the orientation and no one answered me yet. Good thing I saw your post. :)

Hope to hear from you soon.


Hi Jenn,

Yeah, me too. :) I applied in 2008 and finally got in this Spring. I thought I was going to be starting in Fall 2011 but was wrong. I just want to start already and finish. I know it will go by really fast though. I know that we have a lot to do for orientation. I also know we have a pre-test for math. I heard its a general test on proportions, ratios, decimals, you know basic stuff and also anatomy and physio. So I am going to review some basic information since its been like 3 years since i had math but dont worry about it. Just review from now until then. I guess we have to wait until orientation to receive all the information we need. I'm going to try to send you my e-mail address privately so that you can e-mail each other until we meet on orientation week if thats ok. I am really shocked that no else has posted that they have also been accepted. I will keep in touch with you and let you know any new information.



Hi dd, Hi Jenn,

Hello classmates, hopefully we have a chance to meet at orientation. I got the schedule around the 23rd, and I am soo excited! Do any of you happen to know what pharmacology book we are going to be using?

dd-it's a bit late, but thank you for the message regarding immunizations awhile back. I think I got all my ducks in a row.

Hello MomaBear,

Great! I am glad to hear that you have everything good to go. I have the ISBN#'s and will be sending them to you both. I've just been really busy lately with all of the Holidays. Look forward to meeting both of you at orientation. Also, Moma bear, I will be sendind you my e-mail address. I just think it would be better to e-mail then post everything on here. In that way you both can get the information. Everyone else that is starting is welcome to also join.



Okay, does anyone know how deep Mt. Sac went this semester to get the 60 they needed? I heard they definitely had to dig into a few alternates. I'm just curious what my number will be this time around. It went from 910, to 458, to 265. So about a 50% drop each time, but I figure the closer I get, the less the drop rate.

ATTENTION ALTERNATES: When you received your letter for oriention did the letter state what number you were in terms of how many other alternates were ahead of you or was it just a general letter?

Have any of you guys received a letter stating your updated number? I haven't received mines yet, when I called last month the nursing department told me they will be sent out at the end of February. Please let me know if theres any updates! Thanks!

I spoke to them last week and was told that the letters are going out THIS week but that it would take several days to prepare them to mail because they are sending out about a thousand letters! Yikes. Hopefully we'll all receive them by the end of this week.

Has anyone received their updated letters yet?


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i have a question for all mt. sac students!

Nutrition 25...what are the pre-reqs to that? hard to get into that class?

The reason I ask, is that I attend Citrus and I need a nutrition class to complete before entering cal state la's nursing program

My number is kinda high. 800 somthing. I applied on april 2011, got my first number on sep 2011, and they invited me to send the scheduled paper back to make an appt to take hesi.

My question is how long i have to wait if (let's say) i pass hesi on 16 dec 2011. Because i read the previous posts, they said mt. Sac wont ask students to take hesi until their lottery no. Is around 100.

Thank you

hnguyen509...if your number is 800 something you're looking at about 2 years wait.

they used to ask student take the exam when they are about to enter into the program. but they changed it, because they have a new enrollement requirements. all the old students with a lottery number are ask to take the HESI. so everyone is taking it.

good luck on dec 16.

Hi guys!

Congrats to those who have made it into the RN program at SAC. I hope to be in ya'lls spot someday. I am barley taking my pre req's. Is there any advice you all can give me to make my chances greater of getting in later? I read some of you applied in 08??? Does it really take that long to get accepted? 1 more question...

Do I apply after I have taken all my pre reqs?

Your advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you :)

my advise is, since mt.sac has implemented point system instead of lottery. i would get as high of grades on your science if possible. voulenteer. try to get as high of points as possible.

if you have high points. very high possibility that you'll get in the first time you apply.

good luck.

I applied in the fall of '09 and am an alternate for spring 2012. If I don't get in in the Spring, then I'll be in for sure in the fall of "12. So if your number is 800, and there is an average of being moved up 95 spots, you have a looong wait. I recommend doing all of your prereqs first, and while you're waiting to get in the program, do all of your general, even some extra that will apply for a BNS later.