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I am still doing my prerequiste classes. I have thought about going into nursing for over a year now.It doesn't bother me to change bed pans, sores, etc but I don't want to do it everyday so any suggestions? I hope you don't take that wrong because I worked as a cna and got burned out very fast doing bath, feeding, etc.. I am looking into BSN, MSN and forensic science programs. What kind of jobs are offered if you get your Masters in nursing? ain't nurses with bachelors head nurses and over the deparments and do management jobs. Can you get your MSN without going into BSN. Appreciate any advice anybody can give me. Thanks :rolleyes:


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Do you have a baccalaureate degree in another area? If so, it is indeed possible to go for the MSN without going BSN route. Also, there are RN-MSN programs out there----but you need to have at least your AD in nursing to do this.


to see what programs various colleges offer and where to call and ask specific questions! Good luck!

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Depends on the focus of your Masters Degree. Manager mastered nurses are in administration and management. I worked at a hospital where all head nurses/managers were mastered prepared. Here the managers have to have a BSN, and higher ups tend to be mastered.

Other Mastered nurses are in specialities like teaching, clinical nurse specialists, wound care specialists, etc.

But you're right, at first you'll need to work the floor with direct patient care, both associate degree nurses and bachelored nurses hit the bedside fresh out of school.

Good luck!

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