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Hi, I’m a nursing student having some trouble with my musculoskeletal assessment. Like most charting systems, the one I am using in clinical allows you to choose options that are prewritten. Under my MS assessment, the current charting system I’m using is different from ones I’ve seen before. It gives you options for the assessment of POSITION for all 4 extremities and you can choose either ELEVATED or DEPENDENT. What does that mean exactly? I have noticed many people leave this portion blank and only fill out the joint swelling, pain, etc parts of the MS assessment. Would love some insight! Thanks! 

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That is interesting, helloChristy. The assessments we did gave options of Full ROM or Limited ROM. Elevated or Dependent sounds as though there is a case of edema.

Perhaps others leave it blank because this portion of the assessment is not applicable to these particular patients.

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Edema /pain/color changes/etc/ when a limb is dependent ( = positioned below the level of the heart) is significant because ....

If the limb is elevated ( = above the level of the heart) and has edema /pain/color changes/etc/ , that could mean ....

This is another reason why the EHR is not a good communication or documentation tool. If you only get one choice per limb, how do you communicate your full assessment?