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i am moving to vancouver in a few months and want to begin to look for employment. i am an icu nurse but i have been in nursing education the last several years. i would like to continue in nursing education. can anyone recommend good hospitals/nursing schools in the vancouver area (i'm looking for a short commute). thanks so much! :balloons:

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OHSU (Oregon Health Science University) is just across the river in Portland, OR. Its a teaching hospital and very large, I'm sure with many career opportunities. I only know it from the patient point of view, but as a nurse could relate. The commute would be ugly though.....

Good Luck!!


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Southwest Medical Ctr. is in Vancouver, Washington and has a very good reputation. I have friends who work in the open heart program there. It is a "Legacy" system hospital and I am sure that education would be no problem. You should google it and take a look. Good luck and welcome to the NW.

thank you both so much for the advice!! :balloons:

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A year ago, my daughter completed the radiographic technologist program at PCC. Some of her classmates did clinicals at OSHU. The reputation there, at least in the radiology department, is awful. They have a very high turnover rate. So I'd check that out. OTOH, if the nursing reputation is awful also, a good educator might be just what they need. Lots of luck.


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There are many hospitals within driving distance. Legacy Emanual and Southwest Washington Medical Center are the two in Vancouver, but Portland has several as well. I live in Vancouver and commute to Portland. I'm a cardiac nurse too, and I really like the Providence hospital I work at. I like it so much that I am willing to deal with the commute which can be ugly, mainly because I work with so many wonderful people..that can be hard to find! :) So... Welcome to the NW

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