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I am an experienced (5 years) RN. I've worked in the ER for a few years and most recently inpatient psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Hospital. My bf and I are planning to move to the triangle area in the fall. I've looked around at various hospitals in the area. So far I feel most drawn to Duke, those UNC and WakeMed also look nice. Duke is intriguing to me since they offer relocation assistance, loan forgiveness up to 25K, and a huge discount to Duke University for MSN or DNP programs.

Any insight into local triangle hospitals? How early should I apply? What areas should I look into living. My bf is really into living in an apartment that's within walking distance to restaurants/cafes/etc. Are there any cute downtown-ish zones we should look into? We're moving from the Baltimore/DC area and he's a little nervous about moving to a smaller city.

I'm looking to get away from psych and back into more critical care or acute care work. ER, ICU, maybe even Ortho. I really love all kinds of nursing and want to be challenged in my role (something that I've been missing in Psych despite being a board certified mental health nurse) I'd love to get back into a challenging field of nursing, but also a field that allows me to go back to school for my MSN and possible DNP. I'm up to date on ACLS certification as well. Would love to hear about the area, the hospitals, the specialities, and really anything around the triangle zone. I'm super excited to move!


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Raleigh-Durham is a great place to live!! I have been here for 15 years and have been at Duke for 7+ years.

I love working at Duke, they have been really awesome through this Covid crisis and I am very proud to work there. I got my Informatics MSN at Duke with major tuition assistance.

Lots of opportunities for growth and learning new things. I am an ortho nurse, but the unit "expert" in diabetes. I get extra CEs for meetings and classes regarding diabetes. I have never had to worry about CEs. I need ortho and trauma hours as well. We are all ACLS certified and the hosp provides this training.

Lots of great specialties for you to choose from if interested.

Feel free to reach out if you want/need any more info

Rubyagnes, how was your move, can you share what you have learned? please? I am planning on moving to NC as well and looking for an ER to land.

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