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Moving this summer, when to apply...

by mrcookingnurse mrcookingnurse (New) New

Hello all,My fiancé and I will be moving this July for my job. She is a RN, BSN and will have about 13 months of ICU, critical care experience at the time of our move.From your experience, what's the best course of action? Should she start talking to hospitals in the new area now or should she plan to wait til June ish timeframe.Thanks for your help.


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personally ill start the job search now or as soon as i can with the application process being so long and vigorous at some jobs it may take up to months to actually start working so yes start looking now hopefully as soon as you guys move up there she lands something. goodluck

canoehead, BSN, RN

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Start now, absolutely. Research the companies, consider your commute, find out about the managers and staff- you may be able to talk to some staff on here. It will be much easier to plan schools/house hunting if you already know where your preferred job is. Wouldn't it feel good if you had a job letter in hand when you set out?

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Something tells me this is going to become a bone of contention or already is.

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Are you moving out of state? If so, she needs to apply for her license in that state before she does anything else. Once she has a valid license for that state, she can start applying.

Is she willing to travel for an interview, or multiple interviews? If she can, then it's fine to apply early. But if she isn't able to go interview in person, then she should wait until she is able to.