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Moving to montana soon !


Hi, i just wanted to ask are there any nurses who have recently moved to montana. Im going to be there by the end of july. Im hoping to be working 12 hour shifts. I,ve nerver really been away from home . This is where i will be settling with my husband for the next five years. I need someone to comment on the weather, renting , highway conditions, working conditions ,etc. Have my r.n. License to practice. Also i have an associate degree and want to attend school for my bacholors degree. Im used to small community setting. I also have hobbies and i design novality cakes for special occasions and birthdays.im a little scared of this new move as my children are grown and im a bit older. Its harder to adjust.hoping to relocate northwest.my husband travels alot for his job ,so he will accomodate me..what hospitals do you feel would be best with a good reputation? Accepting of outsiders ? Experienced in stepdown,psych,med-surg,acute care,adoles/adult/geri care.

Thank-you,your comments will greatly be appreciated.



Specializes in med-surg.

What part of MT are you thinking about moving to? You mentioned north west....Kalispell, MT has a great hospital and Missoula, MT has 2 great hospitals. Both Missoula and Kalispell are great places to live, but the cost of living is higher than in the other parts of MT...

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