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Moving to Germany for nursing school.

satoru satoru (New) New

Dear Nurses,

Hi. I am a Japanese citizen hoping to move to Germany and begin nursing school to be a nurse in Germany.I would like to ask some questions about studying nursing in Germany as a forerunner.

Does German nursing school accept Japanese citizen?

Where can I get an information about German nursing schools?

I would like to study in Berlin and work in Berlin in the future. So, I want to know where should I send a e-mail to get proper information about nursing schools in Berlin?

I understand that I have to speak and understand German fluently to attend a nursing program. Beyond language fluency, what are the requirements to be admitted to a school?

I heard that many German people choosing to go into nursing recently, because of unemployment station. Is it true?

If the schools are able to be choosier, it may be difficult for me to pass an entrance examination. I am worried about that.

Do I must have good English written and spoken knowledge?

What are the costs of study and living?

Will it be difficult finding a job as a nurse in Germany, particularly in Berlin?

I'm 29 years old male, and I want to be a nurse in Germany, and I'm wondering if German people understand it.

Here in Japan, many people thinks 29 years old male is too old to start studying nursing.

I'd appreciate it if you could answer my questions.

loriangel14, RN

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Going to school in Germany would be one thing. Getting a work visa so you could stay and work would be a different story. Going to school in a foreign country does not mean you can stay and work. Coming from a non EU country it will be difficult to get a visa. As an international sutdent it will be very expensive and you have to have enough money to support yourself throuigh school as well.

29 is not too old to start nursing school. Best of luck with your quest.

Silverdragon102, BSN

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Age is what you think of it and your age is not old to do something.... Good luck

I would suggest a search for Germany as we used to have a few posters from Germany mention that things where tough regarding jobs and many go abroad to get jobs


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Hi Saturo,

I hope I can provide you all the information and help you a little.

There is a huge shortage of nurses in Germany, so chances are very good to get a place. You must know that nursing in Germany is not (yet) a degree, it is vocational training for 3 years. You go to vocational school and work at the same time in hospital- like 4 weeks in vocational college and 4-12 weeks in clinical practice.

An important point, you DONT have to pay any fees, you EARN money while you train, and there are also some other benefits while you student (like discounted accommodation), and after graduation if you stay in public sector (e.g. cheaper car insurance).

You don't need any English, since in Germany..ermm..uh we talk/ study in German. But your German needs to be pretty good, level B2 or C1.

Chances for finding something in Berlin are rather slim, since it very popular area and very competitive. Try South West Germany (Baden-Würtember, Bayern etc)

As for entry: there is no entrance test, but your secondary education should be GCSE (Mittelere Reife) or higher ( Abitur). Almost always you have to show some work-experience in hospitals -paid or unpaid doesn't matter. Also the application process is not centralized, the vocational colleges are affiliated with the hospitals and usually located at the same building.

Hope this help, get back to me if you have more questions.