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I am at such a loss, I started nursing school sept 2013 at Itt-tech south bend IN, I was doing great, so I thought. corporate stepped in and made changes to the curriculum. I failed med surg twice, I am not the traditional student at 50, so I have to work harder at my studies, I decided this school is not for me (accelerated) and I do not have the faith in their program to make me the best nurse I can and should be. Now what do I do? I applied to Ancilla college in Donaldson In, thinking they would take Itt-tech's credits, well they do not. Itt-tech as I was told is not accredited this confuses me. now I have to start over. My problem is now I am "gun shy" so scared I am not cut out for the nursing program? I do have an associate and Bachelor degrees in different fields, nothing in the medical field. please help

meanmaryjean, DNP, RN

Specializes in NICU, ICU, PICU, Academia.

If you have a previous bachelors- you may well qualify for WGU Indiana's pre-licensure program.

Sadly, ITT Tech is not accredited- so none of THOSE credits will transfer, but I would look at WGU. I am a clinical instructor in their pre-licensure program here in Indianapolis.

You should be happy they refused your credits. They have the worse Nursing Program ever. its ran horribly go anywhere else except there.

Ancilla is good with taking your money, and making you think that their there to help you in the Nursing Program. The college is beautiful, the quietness and the help you do receive from the instructors there before getting in the Nursing Program. When you get in that Nursing Program all hell comes out, I'm telling you the class starts out with 12 students and end up with 3-4 they make it to graduation. If you don't pass test, they make you sit in the secretaries office and redo the test by looking in the book and finding the answers and correcting the answer and then write why you chose the answer and explained the answer now this takes hours while you could be at home studying for the next test. Or they have you go to a tutor the programs a joke. The person running it needs to be fired and replaced by someone who really cares about the students success.


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