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Moving to Chicago

by Jleonardo005 Jleonardo005 (New) New

Hey guys ,

I just recently graduated from nursing school, and I'm thinking of moving to Chicago once that I pass my NCLEX. I currently live in Florida and I would like to know what do I have to do once that I get my license here in FL, how do I transfer my license to Chicago IL and if there is any new grad program overthere.

Thank you :)

Chicago is a really competitive market. Hopefully you have a bsn or it may be very difficult to find a hospital job.

I know, I have my Associates but I'm working on my Bachelors.... So let's see what happens


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If you are not planning to work in FL at all, it will be faster to apply directly for IL licensure rather than endorsement (so I've been told).

Im going to be taking my NCLEX soon and then planning on moving ....


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Doesn't matter what state you take NCLEX in; you can apply for licensure in any state once you pass.


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It only took a few weeks for my wife's license to transfer from GA to IL when we moved. Perhaps it was a month. It wasn't very long, though.

One word of caution for what ever you decide - stay on top of them. Write down dates and follow up. The state is broke and running short-handed in many places. My DC license was smooth and quick transfer. However I have a patient whose daughter is a licensed acupuncturist. It was well over six months. Fortunately the mother happened to know one of our local state reps and made a call to his office. She had her approval in about two days!


Thank you so much ! I just need to find a place that takes new grad RNs