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Moving to Brazil


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I'm looking for some help from anyone who is familiar or from Brazil. I am tentative to move to Belo Horizonte in January of 2015. I'm moving because my boyfriend (with whom I live with) is being relocated for work and I get the opportunity to go with! I am currently licensed and working in the US, but will need to work while we live in Brazil. We plan to live there for a minimum of 2 years, up to 4 years. I'm wondering what are the steps to work as an RN in Brazil and even if it's a possibility!? Any advice would help. Thanks!


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You might want to post your question in the international nursing forum for better responses. The moderator will likely move your post there, so no need to do anything on your end. This travel nursing forum is more for nurses taking temporary travel assignments in the USA and abroad, yours however sounds like you need something more permanent.

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Fluency in Portuguese? That would enable you to look at Brazil nursing sites and converse with nurses in Brazil. While it is a good thing to keep your nursing career going, my suspicion is that money wise, you may do as well in Brazil as a waitress with a whole lot less hassle.