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Move to Florida for school ?


Hi...I live in Sacramento CA and have already applied twice for the AS RN program...lottery selection...no luck yet and I'm running out of time, money and options. My sister lives in Florida, 30 min from Orlando and has offered for me to move there and get my RN schooling there...no lottery. I would be in by Fall 2009 working towards my RN degree at either Valencia or Seminole College. Possibly returning to CA later after I get my FL license.

Can anybody offer some advice, input, suggestions or just pros/cons to this idea ?:confused:



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I'd say if you have nothing holding you to CA, why not? The only con I can think of is the fact you will pay more for out-of-state tuition.

I agree if nothing is holding you back then go for it. Seminole doesn't have a waiting list so its first come first serve really but I hear that valencia has quite a hefty waiting list so maybe make sure that you can get in to these programs as quickly as you think before you make the move. Good luck with your decision!

You would not pay out of state tuition if you move and live here for 6 months then apply to either school. As others have said if there is nothing hold you to CA then go for the move and that way you can work on the living arrangements so that you pay in-state fees.

I am also from northern California, and I am going to Denver for nursing school. I say, do what you gotta do!

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I was required to hold residency for 1 year before being granted in state tuition rate so make sure you check with the college about their residence requirements, also depending on the school area, in general FL isn't a cheap state to live in, it might look cheaper on paper compared to CA but pay rates are lower as well. Good Luck

If you can afford the out of state tuition go for it. Or change your address at the begining of the year...to make sure you fulfill the residency requirement. Make sure you have the correct classes and they transfer. Just apply for admission and send them in. Or give the schools a call and talk to the admission offices. Sounds like you're geting ready to pay about 25K for school with the out of state tuition (8K in state). For UCF is would be about 37K (12K)?

The only big thing is you must take the Nursing entrance exam and attend a nurse orientation session at the school you choose. Except for UCF..no Entrance exam. If its VCC the next class is in the Fall '09 at least until then end of the semester (Dec 15th when next grades are released) more students will be eligible then the waitlist may be Spring 10'.

There is other alternative, an Alternative is Brevard CC in Cocoa, UCF has a program there too. Question...If you wish to work in California after grad...will you to meet Cali guidelines? I think you need a school that is nationally accredited.

There not a lot of time...

SCC deadline...Feb 27, 2009 http://www.scc-fl.edu/nursing/degreesdiplomas/generictrack/

VCC no deadline...approx 1 yr waitlist http://www.valenciacc.edu/departments/west/health/nursing/admission.cfm

UCF deadline for fall Feb 1, 2009 http://www.nursing.ucf.edu/

Good luck, go for it.

Oops forgot... Both have great reputations.

Your clinicals are at the best Hospitals in the regions. Level one Trauma center, Children Hosp, Heart Centers. So when you go back you will have experience in the best environment.

SCC brand new Nursing facility...6 semester program.

VCC nothing but praises overall...5 semester program.

30 min from Orlando is alot of area.

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