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Hey guys! I was just wondering if anyone here is applying for the ADN program at MSMC for Spring 2010...

ANd if anyone has gone to any information sessions..

Let me know! I'm looking into MSMC and I really wanna get in!

hi jehida!

i'm freaking out too.

yesterday i received an e-mail from someone saying that my application file was not completed in time (by 10/1 deadline) so i was a little bummed

but this morning, they called me and told me there was an internal error! so yay! my application is in review!

i also received the email about the TEAS but i havent received the dates so i'm pretty worried about that as well. I should go out and take one though. Where is Rio Hondo College?? Do you know where else I can take the TEAS?

Hi vlove!

Rio Hondo College is in Whittier. I think you should call the nursing department to ask if there is still room for TEAS testing for Oct 23, 2009. The woman I spoke with was very accommodating. It's around $75 or so, but of course she can give you the exact info.

I'm so glad that you're still in the running!! Internal error? At least they fixed it. If you spoke to someone in the nursing department and they didn't mention anything about TEAS testing, maybe no one has gotten the info yet. That would put my mind at ease. I kind of want to call them again, but I feel that I've been bugging WAAAY too much. Don't want to jinx my chances by being totally annoying. LOL jk.

Anyway, I think Rio Hondo is definitely worth looking into just in case there are anymore "internal errors." :icon_roll

Glad to meet you, vlove! I'll keep you posted, and you do the same for me!

Hey vlove,

Any info yet about TEAS? I still haven't gotten anything but hear that the deadline was moved back to Oct 30, 2009. I spoke to someone and they said that they're sending out the last batch of invites this week!! So I don't know, still pretty worried if I don't get an invite cause that means even if I take the TEAS at another school, they won't look at them anyway. UHHHH frustration city! Let me know what's going on with you. Anyone else apply to ADN spring 2010 at MSMC???

crazy cuz i was thinking about asking you whether you got it too

but NO! i havent received any email! freaking out!

Well, maybe that's a good sign then?? :confused:

I don't know. I've been noticing that whenever I get emails from them (which isn't very often but still) they tend to be later in the week so maybe....

Of course I would want nothing more than to get into the program, but I'm kind of to the point where I just want an email/letter either way of my status, you know? If they declare me an unqualified candidate, then just tell me, cause I don't think I can take this another few weeks, let alone all the way through December!!

I pushed back my TEAS at RIO HONDO to Monday, Oct 26, 2009 so I have these 4 days to study non-stop. I don't know, my hope is that if I'm not selected and I do well on TEAS, MSMC will look at my score and go,"Hold everything, we've over looked this candidate, let's give her a chance." LOL

You can be sure that whenever I get news, I'll tell ya!!


I finally got the TEAS email today. I hope you did too :)

They pushed the deadline back to November 9, thank goodness! Gotta study!

Good luck on your test

I totally get you though. I'm dying to know already!

I was wondering... on your WebAdvisor account, does it have all the documents you sent as "Received"?? I turned everything in however one of the transcripts I sent isnt showing... Hmm. I hope theres no more "internal errors"

Let me know whats going on with yoU!

Hey vlove,

So sorry for lack of response. I didn't get an email saying that you responded to my post. I would have responded way sooner. I took the TEAS at Rio Hondo yesterday. It was waaay harder than I thought, and I got an 85.3. Not a terrible score, but I thought I'd do better.

Anyway, I spoke to someone today and my TEAS was evaluated and my file was pushed for final review by the Nursing Department!! I'm so excited!! From what I have read on the boards, I think this is the interview stage. I'm so excited because this is the final stage. YAY!

Good for you too!! Wouldn't that be so awesome if we both got in? We would already have a built in friendship! LOL jK

I'll make sure I check this site often. Good luck with the TEAS!!


About WebAdvisor, yes, all of my documents that I sent show as received. I bet MSMC has them, though. It's probably just an oversight. Two of my letters of recommendation (sent 3 in total) did not show on WebAdvisor. I called, they had them, it was fixed. You should give them a call. I'm sure it's a mistake on their end.

About TEAS: The english and reading were very simple, but math and science killed me. I felt like there was not enough time for math and science was all over the place. I'd tell you what to look out for in science, but I now know what others mean when they say that you can't really study for it; meaning you either know it or you don't. Do your best and guess.

Math, just make sure you time yourself when taking the pretest in the workbook. And know conversions, how many cups are in a gallon, etc. Know ratios/ proportions. And most importantly, try not to freak out when you come across a problem that takes a long time. I did, and I think that really hurt me. I just wasn't very prepared for the math. Not necessarily hard, I just needed to speed up my time. Oh well, it's over and done so I'm glad. Learn from my mistakes though! lol

Hope this helps!!

Hey jehida!

I'm taking my TEAS on Nov. 7th. I'm so nervous. I bought a TEAS study manual so hopefully that helps me.

I hope everything works out for you though! Now I'm freaking out!! It would be AWESOME if we both got in.. I wouldnt mind already knowing someone in the program! THank goodness for these boards. I need to kill the TEAS exam for sure.

Where did you take your religious studies class?


See that's the thing about msmc that upsets me sometimes is the misinformation. I went to the ADN orientation sometime in early August and both Nursing Dept. assistants said that we could take World Religions to fulfill the requirement; however, that is not true. We can only fulfill the requirement at msmc by taking (can't really recall the name) RST41.

So I signed up for World Religions at Orange Coast College, it's in progress, but am bummed that I don't really need. Oh well. It's an interesting class nonetheless.

Hey, if you can for TEAS, get another study guide to help you in the science and math. I picked Nursing School Entrance Exam by KAPLAN. It goes way more in depth than TEAS manual. REALLY REALLY REALLY study up on the math and get faster.

How many In-Progresses do you have? I have Lifespan Development and Critical thinking Phil (Logic).

Good luck, keep me posted. :)


My application is considered late thus taking me out of the running because I didnt give them transcripts straight from CSUN. The thing is, I went to CSUN through National Student Exchange from my home campus(UOG). My advvisor from my home campus told me that the CSUN transcript would be on the UPG transcripts and I wouldnt need the CSUN transcript. THUS, ruining my LIFE.

I was told that I could reactivate my application for next term though. UGH!! So mad!!!

But I would have had 2 in progress: Microbiology and the Religous Studies class.

GAH! I'm so mad!

vlove that's awful!!!

I'm sorry. Are you sure that nothing can be done? Bummer city! :(

If this entire process has taught me anything, it's that unfortunately, you really have to double and triple check everyone to make sure they are giving you the right information. It's sad. Counselors give misinformation all the time and they don't realize that they are affecting someone's future. Geez, I'm mad too . Now who am I going to talk to on this board?

What I don't understand is that they already checked off that you could take the TEAS. Wow, that makes me feel a little uneasy about my own status.

Well, think of it this way, you'll have micro done this semester and you can start applying to different community colleges or CSUs.

Are you still going to take the TEAS?

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