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Okay, so I'm weeks away from graduating from my ABSN program. I did well throughout the program, was inducted into Sigma Theta Tau, and set to graduate with 3.6-3.7. If I somehow manage to not screw myself.

I've exhausted myself to accomplish the above, and now that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, I am not putting as much effort into studying as I did when I just started the program. I don't think I'm burnt out but rather have no more incentives to try anymore, except to actually graduate that is. Is this normal? Is it okay to continue what I am doing, keep my sanity, and just graduate? I never had this issue during my first undergrad where I spent 5 years. Instead, I was motivated to finish strong.

My grades went from 3.93 ---> 3.67 in a matter of 2 semesters because I started focusing on enjoying the process instead of compromising my overall sanity (2 days of school with 3 days of clinical).

I do want to become an FNP, but I am so over school right now, I just want to begin working as RN and make a dent in my student loans before tackling on NP school.

I had something similar happen when I'd finished up my first 60 credits, straight As. I'd near killed myself to get to that point, had to be competitive. For me, it was a mix of burnout and lack of motivation because the finish line (in my case, acceptance to nursing school) was so close.

The grind has already started again for me and I'm loving it, but for you, it sounds like you might be burning out a little and from what I hear from friends who have gone through their programs, it's pretty normal. Do you feel mentally fatigued? If you can get over this hump and get the NCLEX under your belt, you owe yourself a nice treat! ...or a vacation... or both

The finish line isn't far now, hang in there!

Nursing school can be exhausting emotionally, physically, and mentally. Your experience is valid and you should not feel ashamed for being burnt out. You are doing the very best you can. Accelerated programs are hard because they pack so much into a short period of time. Don't feel bad for your GPA dropping, a 3.67 is still a great GPA! You have not screwed up at all, you are succeeding. I have no doubt that with work experience you will be able to get into FNP school.

Burn out is caused by chronic stress. In order to decrease stress you need to reach out for support. I highly recommend speaking to a therapist or counselor. They will help you process your stress and come up with coping mechanisms to help you through. Reach out to friends and family and tell them you are struggling. Reach out to your nursing peers because a lot of them are feeling the same way. Do you have a professor you trust? I would go to them and tell them how you feel. Don't isolate yourself, reach out for help. Take it one day at a time. You CAN do this. You ARE doing this.

After graduation, take a few weeks off to decompress and chill out. Then study for the NCLEX. Don't go into grad school for a few years. Get RN experience and then when you are 100% sure that FNP is right for you, go for it. Good luck!

While it's sometimes hard to find time to do so, try taking a break for a few days and doing something else to get your mind off of it. Perhaps you will come back feeling more refreshed

100% feel your pain.

I highly suggest walking away from nursing and anything related for a few weeks (or longer if you are able) and spend time doing everything that you wanted to do but couldn't while in school. Go visit family, visit friends that you haven't been able to connect with since before school (this helped me the most as we talked about stuff that had NOTHING to do with nursing), do things that you enjoy.

Then when it's time to come back and study for the NCLEX you should be better prepared to tackle it and begin a hopefully balanced and fullfilling life as a nurse!

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I do feel like once I graduate I will be doing nothing nursing related for about 2-3 weeks. Then work on UWorld for about 2 weeks before taking my NCLEX.

The thing is, during the first 2 semesters, I was focused on school and doing what I enjoyed doing. I did neglect my social life every now and then and still managed to do well. But as Faculty boast about us graduating in just a few weeks, all my motivation went through the door. It's like I'm mentally checked out and only do the bare minimum because I convinced myself that since I made it this far, there is no way I won't make it out.

Hopefully, when I start my last rotation in the ED I'll be revamped and energized to finish strong.

Also, I have many Faculty members that I trust but I do not think my mental health is a problem at this point. It's more about being exhausted because I'm so close to finishing. I sleep well, I exercise 4-5 times a week, and I eat healthy enough to keep my energy up. I isolated myself a few months back when I truly felt burn't out lol, but I cope by hanging with friends now. Thats the problem. I'm focusing more on socializing and less with academia which is why I'm at the point of just wanting to be done with school.

But thank you all for the tips. I'll be back in ~7 weeks to update.

Same! I have 3 weeks until the end of my summer semester and I'm lacking so much motivation right now. Now I just study enough to get by (1-2 hours) then take the test and hope for the best.

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Guys, I made it. I made it to graduation and passed the NCLEX-RN on the first try. I can finally kick back and relax and gear up for the real learning.

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