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Most influential Nurse

Today I got to thinking about all the most influential and famous nurses we've had in our past history and currently have. What nurse really stuck out to you when studying that you thought was the most influential?

I personally was always intrigued by Clara Barton, beginning her nursing career at the age of 11 and founding the Red Cross.


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Virginia A. Lynch. A pioneer in forensic nursing.


Has 18 years experience.

The most influential nurse is the nurse who is well remembered by his/her patient in a positive manner.

I remember one patient who came back to our unit and told us that after being well looked after on our unit (he came from a fairly deprived, under supported community) we changed his outlook on life. He'd enlisted and was training to be a medic in the Forces.

GHGoonette, BSN, RN

Specializes in PACU, OR.

I originally thought of my old tutor at college, who was the most brilliant teacher I ever met, but then I remembered some old nurses from my earlier forays into nursing. In particular, I recall a psych RN who dealt exclusively with retarded adults. She was absolutely amazing, and was able to communicate with her patients in a manner that I could only envy.

I think the most influential nurses are those who influence other nurses for the better through the shining example they set.

Florence Nightingale

Agnes Hunt (UK) for her work in Orthopaedics caring for children.


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