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One day a man decides to take a tour of a latex factory to see how they make the different latex products. The tour guide first takes him to the part of the factory where they make baby bottle nipples. As they're standing there watching the machines hard at work, they hear a "hiss-pop, hiss-pop, hiss-pop". Curious about this the man asks the guide what this hissing and popping noise is. The guide tells him that the hissing noise is the latex being injected into the mold and the popping that he hears is the hole being punched into the top of the nipples.

The last stop on the tour is the part of the factory where condoms are made. Once again, as they're standing there watching the machinery, they hear a "hiss, hiss, hiss, hiss-pop". Puzzled, the man turns to the tour guide and says, "I know what the hissing noise is, but what's with this popping noise I hear every so often?"

The tour guide turns to the man and says, "well, every fourth condom has a hole punched into it."

The man then says, "that can't be good for the condom industry."

And the tour guide replies, "nope, but it's great for the baby bottle nipple industry."



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Very cute!!


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That's funny

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