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More Kaplan scores for your review ;)


I just graduated in May and had to take ATI Live Review through my school and took the Kaplan NCLEX-RN Review Classroom on my own. One would think that I would be blasting through QTrainers and QBanks but I think that my nerves are getting the best of me!! Serious, serious tachycardia going on when I do questions! I'm testing July 29 and am considering getting something from my PCP to calm me down.

Here are all of my Kaplan scores thus far:

Taken during Review Classroom:

Diagnostic- 65%

QTrainer 1- 61%

QTrainer 2- 51%

QTrainer 3- 52%

QTrainer 4- 62%

QTrainer 5- 57%

QTrainer 6- 63%

QTrainer 7- 61%

Readiness- 67%

Qbank taken after Review Classroom:

Sample Test #1 52% 50 questions

(I first did the Sample Test #1 then read that you are supposed to those after you are done with the Qbanks. Ugh!!)

Qbank #1 53% 75 questions (I then read that if you are testing later than sooner only do no more 50 questions a day. More Ugh!!)

Qbank #2 60% 50 questions

I am studying content from Kaplan's Content Review book but only a little from ATI's , doing some ATI online questions, watched a few videos of content, wrote down most of the rationales after taking most of the Question Trainers, Sample Test and Qbank 1. I just took Qbank # 2 earlier today so I didn't write those yet.

Do you think I should rev up my Qbank taking since that's where the tachycardia occurs and cut down on studying contentent? Also, here is something really bizarre: I consistently do better on the Application and Analysis questions across the board!

Any pointers, advice, words of wisdom or vitual hugs would be greatly appreaciated!!

Thank you in advance!!:woot: