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Hi all,

This is my first allnurses post, but I've been reading all over this website for months. I am making a career change into nursing and was recently accepted into an 11-month accelerated BSN program (). This is the first school I've applied to, and my deadline to accept will occur before the other programs I'm interested in will even open up.

I am debating on whether or not to attend, for several reasons. One, this program is $41,500, not including fees/books/etc. If I did this program, I would graduate in March 2014, which is 9-15 months before I would graduate from the other programs (assuming I was accepted). These programs average $20,000-$30,000, a potential savings of $10,000 to $20,000 over Drexel. I know the price difference is a lot, but theoretically I would be able to work 9-15 months sooner by attending this program. Do you all think that would make up for the price difference?

My second reason is that my husband and I have wanted to move to another state for several years. Being that I would want to move immediately after nursing school, would it make more sense to decline Drexel and wait until I have relocated to attend nursing school (thus making my timeline for becoming a nurse even longer)?

Thank you for any opinions/advice!

Hmm.. I can see why you debating this. On one hand, I am not sure the 9-15 month advantage would make up the difference as you are not guaranteed a job right after graduation. On the other hand if you go the route, once you pass the nclex, you can apply for that state's license and just pay the fee so that shouldn't stop you from starting now.

Is the price difference something that would hurt you financially? If not, and if you don't mind the extra cost then I would suggest you go.

Are you fairly positive that would be admitted into these other schools? I noticed that you stated that you and your husband have been wanting to move for the last few years. Are you position that you could realistically move in the next year or would you have to wait longer? These are questions I would ask myself.

I hope that helped and Good Luck!

Thank you, nylady07. You've given me some new things to consider!

My husband went to for engineering, so we love Drexel! Great school! But I wouldn't pay 41,500 for a BSN, unless it was my last option.

Do you want to get a Master's someday? I imagine you're taking out loans for the BSN. You may find yourself far stretched to afford another degree if you spend this much on a BSN. Then again, lots of people have 70 and 80g's in loans and seem to be OK.

As far as the moving, like the other poster said.. you can apply for your license in the new state.

Also if you wait, what are the schools like there? What sort of time line are they on with admissions? You may find yourself waiting even longer, or needing to take different tests to get in. Yet, financially you may come out better.

I feel bad being all over the place, but it really is a hard decision you have to make. Do you need to work soon? If so, you may want to suck it up and spend the money at Drexel just to get it over with. 15 months is a long time to wait and a long time to have your life on hold or in limbo. It's not forever, but you may get bothered by the wait.

I would go the cheaper route just because the economy is still bad. You can get a BSN for much less.

Oh and that may mean a longer time but, you will still make the same salary with less debt.

I would make out a list of pros and cons for each choice as a guide map. If you are ready to move now, it may be a good thing to wait. However, I would definetely research schools in the area where you are planning to move before declining the spot at . Nursing school is very competitive in most areas and the prereqs could be different as well.

Good luck

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