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Let me try to walk through this.

The first night, we are sort of given a "get out of jail free card" where they give us the Kardex, and let us go back to the hotel to do the planning phase for the first PCS correct?

Are we able to use and write out our mneumonics on that, or do we have to wait until the next day and do that in front of the CE? Also, do we write out both of the careplans that night, or just the one?

Second, I know that we have 2.5 hours total for each PCS situation. What is the best way to time manage? Is there a set amount of time that you use for each phase? How did you do it?

I figure that Planning should take about 25 minutes, implementation should take about 1.5 hours, and then the rest for evaulation and charting. Is this correct, or should I re-work this?

Also, if the PCS is going well, and you are 100% certain that you are completing all of the critical elements, is it ok if the PCS ends early?

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You can use as little time for the PCS as you need -- ending early does not penalize you. You have to wait until the next day to do mnemonics/grid, and you can only work on the careplan for the first PCS -- you only get the first PCS's Kardex. Your timing sounds good -- I gave myself 30 minutes for planning, and implementation never took me more than an hour.

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The first night you are able to write out you care plans, but you can't write out your grid until your PCS begins the next day. Once you get report you should make sure your care plans still fit the patient (make sure there have been no changes overnight). If all goes well, your planning on that PCS should be short.

As for time management, the best piece of advice I got was to do your AOC's first before you get your vitals if you can. This way, if you get interrupted (and you will get interrupted!!) you can write your notes on your AOC's while you are waiting. If you are giving meds, make sure you keep track of what time you have to give them. Start getting them ready a little earlier then you need to give them. Take your vitals before giving meds, esp if there is a BP or cardiac med in there.

And yes, you can end as early as you are able to! My goal was to get in and out in one shot and finally for my third PCS I only had to leave the room once. During your planning phase figure out what you'll need while in the room. I always brought the patient a full cup of water so I knew how much I was starting with for I&O's. For one patient I knew I was going to need to flush her IV so I made sure I had a flush and alcohol swabs. If you are going to have to change a dressing gather those supplies. By actually planning out your PCS you will save time and you'll feel so much more prepared! Know going into the room exactly what you will be doing and what order you will be doing it in.

Good luck!! You'll do great :)

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