More than 1 BIOL at NSC Summer?

U.S.A. Nevada


Has anyone ever tried to take 2 Biology courses during 1 summer session (at NSC, or anywhere else)?? If you did, what were your final grades? Was is doable? Thanks

I took both 223 & 224 this summer. I got an A in 223 and a B in 224. It was definitely doable and I would do it again. That was actually my second time taking 223, for a better grade. I enjoyed it a lot better than taking it during the longer semester. Then again, I do better when semesters are shorter.

Thanks!! Yes, I enjoy a fast paced short semester. I have always tried to do summer, so I am already used to it and know what to expect mostly...I just wasn't sure about biology you know? So thank you!!

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Melissa: would you say CSN is harder than NSC? I had to take 223 twice and I am now in 224 and looks like I going to have to take it over again to. I just feel really stupid. I know these classes are hard, but others are passing then the first time. Just feeling very stressed and concerned about doing well in Nursing school, if I ever get there. LOL

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