16 months of sobriety


I'm so thankful for my 16 months of sobriety.

Just wondering how long it's going to take for the BON to contact me. I self reported back in Feb 2106 , met with an investigator and my case hasn't come up yet.

Ive completed a rehab program and attending AA NA meetings . I'm working in dialysis so hopefully I can keep my job after my case comes up since we don't admin narcs.

Has anyone else waited this long?

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That is an unusually long wait. You're self-referring...you should start regardless when they start the investigation. The not so good news, is when you officially start with your state's BON program your sobriety date starts on your first negative test. It's a downer because they disregard your length of sobriety before you are officially placed. Hang in there. I wonder if you can call them back and emphasize you are self-referring and want to start asap. Good luck! Prayers