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19 months for order!

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Hello everyone! I’m new to all of this and wanted to hear other’s opinions about my story. Long story short, had MVA in 2013, liked my pain meds a bit too much (prescribed by pain management)! I’ve never had a failing UDS at pain mgmt or with the Suboxone program that I’m on now. I never got in trouble at work, or outside of work. On Sept. 4, 2018 I reached out for help at a suboxone clinic and the NP made me self report to the KY Board of Nursing. They immediately told me to start going to meetings, therapy, urine drug screens once a month, etc. I did it all! She told me to keep checking in every few weeks to see if my discipline was done and finally 19 months later it’s done! And nothing counts as “good time” toward my new 18 mt agreed order!! Why??

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If my understanding is correct its because you weren't under contract then. They dont give a hoot about how 'good' you were. I had a two year agreement but it took me a year to find work. None of that first year counts. Neither does the THREE yeas it took for them to get to my case.

I am so sorry you will have more time than you thought. However, it did give you clean time. Be proud of that!