3 months away from graduation how can I prepare for nclex now?

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Hi, I am currently in an ADN program. I have done exceptionally well, however I feel like I don't remember enough of the information. I feel like I remember enough information to ace the test, but I don't remember all of it shortly after. I have been doing NCLEX questions and I get half right the other half wrong. What can I do right now to begin studying for nclex other than questions? I know this may seem like a silly question but I am beginning to get nervous! I am three months away from graduation and I really want to pass the NCLEX the first time! any suggestions?


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I just did questions. In my program, we did an NCLEX prep class during the last semester, which included taking the Exit HESI twice. That helped give me a good idea of any areas I was weak in and focus on those. Since alternate format items are the bane of mine (and every nursing student's!!) existence, I made myself practice those. I used Saunders and loved it because it allows the user to generate questions based on content area or question type, among other things.

As my test date got closer, I used the NCBSN review. It has content review and questions. I honestly didn't do much of the content review because my previous preparation kind of evened out my weak spots but doing questions that are written by the same people who write NCLEX questions gave that extra little bit of confidence going in to the test.

The most important aspect is a steady, consistent approach. To do well, it requires the years of knowledge that you've gained. Doing questions, reading rationales, and just using and keeping that knowledge fresh and practiced is the best prep! It sounds like you're doing that already!


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Hurst is good for content review

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