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  1. Hello all,

    I have an interview for a position in the New Grad Residency Program at St. Vincent Healthcare. I am having trouble finding ANYTHING on the hospital. How big is their ICU? What is the pay like? Is Billings a decent place to live?
    ANY and ALL info is appreciated, as I am pretty much going in blind, not knowing if this is a decent hospital or not.

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  3. by   ktoregon

    I also have an interview for the New Grad Residency Program next week. Like you, I really don't know much about their program. My roommate used to work for SVH as a CNA and loved it! She said they are well-known and provide quality care. She had heard through the grapevine that the pay is between $24-$25 an hour for new resident nurses. That's all I know! I fly out of Billings to go home (Oregon) and it seems nice from what I can tell, but I guess it depends on where you are coming from.
  4. by   OutOfStater
    If you all don't mind my asking how were the interviews? Did you like the hospital?
  5. by   elizabeth90
    I used to live in Billings and it's not a bad place. I really enjoyed living there. People are very nice. If you are coming from a large city you might be a little disappointed but I am from a smaller town in Iowa and Billings was big enough for me. There are a lot of fun events during the year that they do downtown, Alive After 5 (live music, drinks, food, etc. outside), festivals (I don't remember the names of them but I went to quite a few, one for fall, winter, spring etc.),a great farmers market, they had a fun New Years Eve party downtown too.

    There are nine different local breweries with really awesome beer in Billings. Decent restaurants. Awesome skiing isn't that far from Billings, Red Lodge is about 45 minutes away and is such a cute town. Yellowstone really isn't that far either and driving the Beartooth Pass to Yellowstone is an amazing drive.

    Of course Billings has it's problems like any other place but I really enjoyed it.
  6. by   HD2016
    Hey! I'm going to be graduating nursing school and I'm looking to apply to the St. Vincent Nurse Residency Program in Billings and I was wondering when/how you applied. I've looked for information on their website and haven't had any luck finding the application period or process.
  7. by   OutOfStater
    I'd also be curious if anyone knows when SVH posts their new grad jobs!