Signing up for my core classes tomorrow

  1. List for Core pre-reqs

    Technical Writing OR
    English Composition (req placement test)
    either is 3 credits

    Intermediate College Algebra OR
    Linear and Probability
    either is 3 credits

    Anatomy and physiology
    7 credits

    Introduction to psychology 4 credits

    I also have the option of doing
    Nutrition 3 credits

    I think I'm going to do

    Technical writing 3
    Intermediate algebra 3
    Intro to Psych4

    and then next semester do
    A&P 7
    English comp 3
    Linear and prob 3

    You have to have 12 credits to be full time, which is what I want for financial aid purposes.

    Any thoughts? I can sign up for my classes tomorrow morning.
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  3. by   luvltc
    best wishes to you!!
  4. by   Rohan
    Thank you
  5. by   Catsmeow
    good day in the night, 7 credits for A&P!!! Is that like some sorta super advanced A&P 1 and 2 combined? lol
  6. by   Rohan
    Per the course description...

    Basic knowledge necessary for students in health-related programs. Emphasis is on normal anatomy and physiology with presentation of basic con*cepts in chemistry and microbiology as they relate to human anatomy and physiology. A cadaver lab is included.
  7. by   Rohan
    Oie. So, I ended up with A&P, my algebra class and the wrong english class until the placement test on the 1st. Apparently the school is turning A&P into a 2 semester class starting in the fall so if I don't take it now and get a B, I'll have to wait an extra semester to be in the LPN program. FUN!
  8. by   funinsun
    Hi Rohan,

    Sorry it took so long to reply.. I'm glad you got your classes in order-hopefully everything works out well for you as far as the extra semester... Did you get any snow up there? We did in Helena tonight..Not too much though, my first snow here! Gorgoeous as always...
  9. by   Rohan
    No snow yet...the weather man has been threatening us within but so far just tons of rain. Halloween was particularly wet and cold lol. I live up the mountain a little ways so I'm in no hurry for snow. The road is reall steep so I usually end of sliding down and gunning it to try and make it over the ice to get back up.
  10. by   lilmiswitt
    Ok so its extremely obvious you all know much more about this online thing than I do. I just need to take an anatomy and physiology course as a pre-req for nursing school. I dont know which sites to go to or anything. Any one, please help!!:imbar
  11. by   Rohan
    I'm going to the University of Montana College of Technology. Where are you looking to go to school at?

    Oh..and my A&P is 1 and 2 combined into 1 semester. At least if I flunk it, it won't count against me In the fall it turns back into a 2 semester course