Montana licensure

  1. I am considering a move west and Montana is one of the states I'm looking at. While the BoN website has information on how to transfer a MT license to another state, there does not appear to be anything on how to transfer your license to MT from outside the state.

    I've sent a note to the BoN requesting information but thought that I'd ask here if anyone has been through the transfer process and can provide some insight into things.
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  3. by   Annie90
    Hi there,

    I have recently applied for my Montana License.
    I went to this page and read the info for "RN by Credentialing (Endorsement)" Montana DLI - Board of Nursing

    The application is this link:

    If the link doesn't work, the form would be on the first link I posted and it's the link "License by Credentialing" right under the title. The application itself has detailed directions so read it and fill it out and send it with your check to Montana. Additionally, take Page 7 out so that you can turn that into the state in which you are licensed after you fill out the top part then submit it to your Home BoN so that the can verify your current license and send it to Montana directly. Montana requires you verify ALL your Professional licenses, so if you have a CNA license or other professional licenses, print out additional sheets of page 8 and submit them to each professional organization you have certification in. Your Montana Endorsement application will be considered incomplete until they receive all the verifications. Good luck and let me know if you have any issues!
  4. by   Annie90
    The first link didn't post as I had wanted so from the page that link takes you to, click on the second tab from the left "license" click RN or LPN which ever you are transferring and then continue with the rest of the info. Click license by credentialing and so on.
  5. by   chuckster
    Thanks Annie.

    I'm rethinking my move west, at least in terms of timing. I'm planning to start an FNP program this Fall and while theoretically, I could do my clinicals in MT (the didactic portion in on-line), in practice that may be difficult. From what I can see, my job prospects will be greatly improved as an FNP, so it may make some sense to delay things.

    I very much appreciate the info though.